Life in a string quartet: Interview with Sean Neukom

photo of Sean Neukom with his viola
Composer, instrumentalist, and producer Sean Neukom is the violist and founding member of Beo String Quartet. Prior to Beo, Sean played with the Nashville Symphony,…
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Exercising my creative brain: Interview with Richard An

Richard An and others performing electronic music
Richard An (b.1995) is a composer, pianist, percussionist, singer, conductor, and more. Richard has a BM in Composition from the University of Southern California and…
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Product-Market Fit for Composers

Composers might not think of themselves as entrepreneurs, but they should, if they want opportunities to come their way. In this post, I want to…
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Personal branding for composers: Part 1

stock image of man holding blank business card
The idea of a “personal brand” has been a hot topic for some time now. And you need to find yours. I can hear you…
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Music composition as research

stock image of writing music at a piano
My main job is directing a program that supports undergraduate research and creative projects. Personally, I define research very broadly–simply “creating new knowledge.” But it…
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The Performer’s CV

stock image of people looking at a resume
I’ve written previously about the Composer’s CV, so it’s high time that I have an entry for performers as well. This post is specifically about…
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Leadership in Music: Interview with Dan Cavanagh

Dan Cavanagh
Dan Cavanagh recently became Director of the Mead Witter School of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was previously interim Dean of the College…
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Fun on the front burner: Interview with James Bohn

James Bohn
James Bohn is a composer and music technology specialist. His music has been performed internationally as well as throughout the United States. An Associate Professor…
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A Doctorate in Music: Interview with Yulene Velásquez

Yulene Velasquez
In this series, I interview musicians currently pursuing doctoral degrees. I hope their stories will give readers insights into the joys and challenges of pursuing…
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