Performing and creating in Omaha: Interview with Stacey Barelos

photo of Stacey Barelos playing toy piano
Omaha native Stacey Barelos is a sound artist who actively performs, creates and teaches throughout the Omaha community and surrounding area. In 2023 Dr. Barelos…
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Life in a string quartet: Interview with Sean Neukom

photo of Sean Neukom with his viola
Composer, instrumentalist, and producer Sean Neukom is the violist and founding member of Beo String Quartet. Prior to Beo, Sean played with the Nashville Symphony,…
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Exercising my creative brain: Interview with Richard An

Richard An and others performing electronic music
Richard An (b.1995) is a composer, pianist, percussionist, singer, conductor, and more. Richard has a BM in Composition from the University of Southern California and…
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The Performer’s CV

stock image of people looking at a resume
I’ve written previously about the Composer’s CV, so it’s high time that I have an entry for performers as well. This post is specifically about…
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About summer festivals and workshops

Late spring semester is a stressful yet exciting time for college musicians. People are hearing about acceptances to grad schools and jobs, and people are…
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Auxiliary skills for musicians: concert and album programs

There are numerous considerations in planning concert programs, so I can’t address them all. And if you’re planning a degree recital, you may have some…
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Auxiliary skills for musicians: shooting video

Even before the pandemic, video was becoming a necessity for musicians. You need audition videos for festivals and grad school, and you need to be…
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Auxiliary skills for musicians: public speaking

Most musicians are going to have to speak in public at some point. While the most famous soloists may get away with only playing, it’s…
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Strategize your catalog

From my composition teachers, I’ve heard two schools of thought regarding a composers’ catalog. You could try to have works for certain ensembles in your…
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