Music for anyone, anywhere: Interview with Kimberly R. Osberg

Kimberly Osberg at Cape Blanco
Kimberly R. Osberg (b. 1992) is a Portland-based composer whose projects have included dance, film, environmental sound installations, instrumental theatre, plays, opera, visual art, award ceremonies,…
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Xenharmonic advocate: Interview with Stephen Weigel

Stephen Weigel is a composer and performer of Indianapolis, IN, with a Master’s in Music Composition and Bachelor’s of Music Media Production at Ball State…
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Finding my footing in film music: Interview with Rachel Elizabeth Jacobs

Composer Rachel Elizabeth Jacobs (née Matthews) received a Master of Music in Composition from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Music…
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Performing and creating in Omaha: Interview with Stacey Barelos

photo of Stacey Barelos playing toy piano
Omaha native Stacey Barelos is a sound artist who actively performs, creates and teaches throughout the Omaha community and surrounding area. In 2023 Dr. Barelos…
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Life in a string quartet: Interview with Sean Neukom

photo of Sean Neukom with his viola
Composer, instrumentalist, and producer Sean Neukom is the violist and founding member of Beo String Quartet. Prior to Beo, Sean played with the Nashville Symphony,…
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Exercising my creative brain: Interview with Richard An

Richard An and others performing electronic music
Richard An (b.1995) is a composer, pianist, percussionist, singer, conductor, and more. Richard has a BM in Composition from the University of Southern California and…
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Product-Market Fit for Composers

Composers might not think of themselves as entrepreneurs, but they should, if they want opportunities to come their way. In this post, I want to…
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Personal branding for composers: Part 1

stock image of man holding blank business card
The idea of a “personal brand” has been a hot topic for some time now. And you need to find yours. I can hear you…
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Music composition as research

stock image of writing music at a piano
My main job is directing a program that supports undergraduate research and creative projects. Personally, I define research very broadly–simply “creating new knowledge.” But it…
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