Music composition as research

stock image of writing music at a piano
My main job is directing a program that supports undergraduate research and creative projects. Personally, I define research very broadly–simply “creating new knowledge.” But it…
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A Doctorate in Music: Interview with Brittany J. Green

Brittany J Green, composer
In this series, I interview musicians currently pursuing doctoral degrees. I hope their stories will give readers insights into the joys and challenges of pursuing…
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Music & Academia: Interview with Alan Theisen

Alan Theisen
In this series, I interview musicians about their experiences in academia. I hope their stories will help readers forge their own paths, in or out…
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The winding road of writing a book

I’m working on a book which I hope to self-publish by the end of the year. It’s a collection of short essays about musical instruments…
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The hardest thing I ever wrote: reflections on academic writing

I’m pleased to announce that I have a book chapter published! It’s part of Audio Education: Theory, Culture, and Practice, edited by Daniel Walzer and…
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Life in higher ed as an “alt-ac”: a profile of two jobs

The term “alt-ac” was widely discussed in the mid 20-teens, and it’s problematic and misleading but I haven’t seen a better term. Essentially, “alternative academics”…
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