Out with the Twitter, in with the Blog

Everybody’s making logs and pods

When the pandemic hit, it seemed like everyone and his brother started making vlogs or podcasts. I had considered making one as well—kind of like movie commentary tracks about my own compositions. But with that enormous collective urge to vlog, I began rethinking that project.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about social media over the years. Not only the phenomenon itself, but my consumption of it. Like many people, I’m addicted. It’s part of daily life, and it’s how I keep up with friends and news. It was a way to promote my work, but I’ve found this less and less effective over time.

Why is social media ineffective?

Part of the ineffectiveness is me—I just don’t feel comfortable cyber-hustling my work all the time. But part of the ineffectiveness of social media promotion is The Algorithm. Social media sites reward you for your addiction. If you post more, your posts are seen more. To grow a following, you have to be on it all the time. 

For the people who do it “well,” it really is an entire lifestyle. I have loads of thoughts and quips each day, but I don’t want to stop what I’m doing, or interrupt a conversation, to type out a tweet.

So this week I did something drastic. I deleted Twitter and Instagram. No warning, no “catch me on Facebook.” I just ghosted, and it feels great.

Wasting time on the internet

I don’t remember what brought it up, but my wife suggested I start a blog. It immediately hit me that she was onto something. I spend way too much time reading articles and blogs on the internet. I half-jokingly call it “wasting time on the internet,” after Kenneth Goldsmith’s book. I watch plenty of YouTube but I never really got into podcasts. 

So making a new podcast, making a vlog weren’t really me. Artists need to make the kind of work they enjoy and want to consume. A blog about music and the creative life is what I’d like to see.


So welcome to my new blog! I have a lot of things planned, not only about my creative work as a composer, but my life. I’m interested in creative things—visual art, cooking, gardening, even men’s style! I’m interested in thoughtful things—philosophy, politics, research. I’m interested in educating myself and others. Welcome to my blog, and my journey.

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