Preview: Auxiliary skills blog series

Greetings, friends. I began this blog last summer with the intention of combining some reflections on my creative work with practical advice for emerging composers. Coming up in the next few months, I have a loosely-connected series that should help all (classical) musicians. I’m calling it “Auxiliary skills.”

I’ve taught music technology classes for many years, and used these to cover some gaps in music education. As a colleague once remarked, “we are preparing students for a music career in the 1980s.” Sure, if you can get a manager and a publicist and hire professional photographers, audio engineers, etc. etc., you’d be just fine! But for most of us, we need to be able to do things reasonably well on our own.

Intro-to-music-tech classes are now required in many schools, and some kind of arts entrepreneurship training is available in many places, they aren’t exactly required by the National Association of Schools of Music. So I hope that folks who stumble upon my humble blog here will find some advice about the “other” skills they will need in their career.

Here are the topics I’m planning to cover in upcoming posts:

I’ve been posting this blog on a weekly basis, but this series will be every 2 weeks or so to make sure I have time to get you the most useful yet concise information. Also, I have a baby, so less time to write. But I’ll get to it because I think it’s important.

Thanks for reading!

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